We support YOU with ideas, information and solutions, as Packaging Company (folding carton; corrugated industry) or Die-Maker. As part of the we complement our technical advice with the supply of equipment and accessories for die-cutting and die-making.

Our speciality: The Die-Cutting Technology, means best die-cutting results with best die-cutting tools, also embossing, hot-foil-stamping and folding glueing

Target of our consultation is to increase the cutting, creasing and embossing quality at the same time as the growth of productivity: By teaching Operators how to make faster make-ready,  increase the die-cutting
speed and decrease interruptions.
New is also the use of the appel-mat: A compensation mat to reduce the make-ready time up to ZERO minutes! 

PLUG & PLAY is possible today: Set-up and make ready times between 15 minutes for repeating and maximum 60 minutes for new jobs are becoming standard ...with one condition: ALL IN THE SOURROUNDINGS FITS
Exactly that is what we do, we create the right enviroment and train your Oerators
We provide this support starting with an intensive examination of your processes and analyse of possible complaints, followed by the redaction of a diagnostic. After that, we present recommendations, decisions,
training and coaching of people (also in different languages), prepare specific seminars, develop specific documentation (like the Specs for the die-maker for any single substrate), present special materials or products
which will help to improve. 

We provide YOU theory and practice trainings and also help to implement and accompany the new processes and developments, until an ideal production (measured in net sheets / hour) take place. 

Your inquiry and the challenge to assist you would be an honour for us.